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Building dispute

Building Dispute

The law says that any service carried out, including building work, should be done with “reasonable care and skill”, as stated in the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. If the builder you hired has done the work poorly, it is their responsibility to put things right. You should not have to pay for them to do this.

Problems can also arise where a builder does something different to what you wanted. You should ensure that you were clear in explaining what the job involved – for example, check your paperwork and any diagrams or drawings which were provided before the work began. If they have failed to do what you hired them for, you can ask them to fix the problem for free.

You will not usually need to pay extra if they have done more work than you asked them to, as you did not agree to have this additional work done. However, in these cases you should check your original contract with the builder, as sometimes they may have stated that in certain situations they may have to do additional work and that the cost would increase accordingly.

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